Saturday, April 16, 2011

Career Awesomeness!

I love my job.  Plain and simple :0)  I will complain, feel stressed, vent, and probably sound like a whiny baby, but I love it still.  Just to explain a little about my job, I am the Assistant Supervisor of a group home for disabled adults.  I came into this work thinking that I would be able to teach the people I work with lots of things, and while that is true, it is more true that they have taught me.  The two biggest things that they have taught me are to slow down/have patience, and that there are many many ways of getting things done.  Or I should just say, everything doesn't have to be done my way :0)  I can be a bit of a control freak about things that don't really matter.  For example, my husband is loading the dishwasher, and I desperately feel the need to "correct" him because he is not loading it the "right" way, lol.  What I should be doing is kicking back and thinking how wonderful it is that my husband is doing the dishes.  And although Jeremy may say that I am still a control freak, lol, I think I have made big strides in changing this about myself!!  These guys have taught me that what matters is the end result, not the process. The process can and has to be different for everyone.  The point of my gushy little work blog is to celebrate the fact that we recently had a state licensing audit.  It gets pretty stressful, going over an entire years worth of work, and watching the state comb through it.  Yikes.  But, I am overjoyed to report that we had no citations.  NONE!!!  That is not something that happens very often, and it is definately a first for me! I have been through audits many times before as a counselor, but this was the first time as part of the administration team. It's one thing to be responsible for your own work, but quite another to be responsible for the work of others as well. Working in a group home is a team effort to the max.  I can't say that we are perfect and that there aren't things that we are working on changing, but I can say that as far as the audit is concerned, we were perfect :0)  And that makes me EXTREMELY proud to be part of that team!!!!!


  1. 1. LOVE the new blog title!
    2. I still fight the urge to redo things the right way. All the while realizing that it is ridiculous because of my life's lessons.
    3. I lovingly remember that little girl with the bouncy curls, the eyelashes that were almost to heavy for her eyes and the go getter personality that just would not quit. You were so beautiful inside and out. You haven't changed at all. I am so proud of you in so many ways that I can't even begin to say it all here. And as you know this comes from someone who could get on her soapbox for those with disabilities and stay there for hours, a mother of a beautiful, amazing son who sometimes rides the short bus and has had occasion to live in a group home.

  2. Oh Kathy, I was already feeling a bit homesick and emotional this morning. Thinking about Easter and wanting to be home, then I read this. Now I am at work, and had to retreat to the garage so that I could get the tears in my eyes under control before anyone sees them :0) The guys here would probably create all kinds of stories if they would have seen, LOL. Thank you sooooo much. I want to find a mountain somewhere, buy the whole damn thing and everyone we love can live on it somewhere, kindof like The Waltons.